. . . all the reasons
you wanted to be
a nurse!

Look into making a career move to Emergency Nursing—the nursing specialty that encompasses caring for all age groups and conditions, from delivering babies and resuscitating cardiac arrests to administering medication. The pace of emergency nursing varies from slow to overdrive, and it can change in minutes.

Sounds great! - Who do I call?


Lynne Grief: 917-8502

Ph.D., RN, ECC Director


Al Castrucci: 917-8533

 Mgr/ ECC Operations & Education


Natilea Yoder: 917-2091

Human Resources        

The Sarasota Memorial Hospital Emergency Care Center . . .


is a 70-bed emergency department, with a new facility and “state of the art” equipment.  In fact, we are the 2nd busiest emergency department on the west coast of Florida, with more than 80,000 visits per year!  We are a designated JCAHO Stroke Center, and have in place a DASH program for STEMI AMI patients.

How do I begin?


Apply to take our Emergency Care Center Internship, which begins June 2006 and consists of:

̃ Three months of intensive classroom instruction (96 hours) and precepted clinical time in our Emergency Care Center

̃ Successful completion of

· Dysrhythmia Exam

· ECC Internship Written Exam

· ACLS Course

· Clinical Preceptorship

Is Emergency

Nursing right

for you?


If you like variety and complexity, emergency nursing is for you! Some personal characteristics that you need as an emergency nurse include:

· Ability to shift gears and accelerate your pace as needed

· Good observation, assessment, and prioritization skills

· Stamina

· Good personal coping skills

· Assertive patient advocate

· Ability to maintain calm amidst chaos

· Ability to multi-task

· Good sense of humor

· Ability to think fast and on your feet!

· Great customer service skills

· Excellent organization skills