Tips for using the ACCUCheck/INFORM Glucose Meter


Steps to perform a patient test:

1. Press PURPLE power on button and scan your Operator ID# (employee ID proceeded with zero’s to make 10 digits)

2. Select “Patient Test” and enter the Patient Admission number on the screen.

3. Scan the strip vial barcode.

4. Insert test strip (blue target area up).

5. Perform finger stick and wipe away first drop of blood apply sample to curved side of strip.

6. Record blood sugar value. Enter Comment if needed (1-3 comments).

7. Select “Patient Test” button to do another test or press the PURPLE power button off.


Capillary whole blood, venous, or arterial blood can be used.


You may touch the patient’s finger directly to the curved portion of the strip.


Meter ranges are 10 - 600 mg/dl. If < 10 mg/dl “LO” will appear. If >600 mg/dl “HI” will appear. If blood glucose reading contradicts the
patient’s condition, perform a QC test. If QC test is in the acceptable range, repeat patient test. If “LO” or ”HI” still appears obtain a
STAT blood glucose by the lab and notify the MD of results. For “LO” follow hypoglycemia protocol.


Critical values for SMH for adults are <40 and >400 and require a STAT lab glucose to be ordered.


If a meter will not turn on,
1) place the meter in a docking station and/or

2) try a soft reset: a) turn over meter and find a small hole in the lower right hand corner, b) take an unbent paperclip, and stick it in the
     hole (reset button within hole) c) should see “Palm Computing Platform” and meter will be functioning properly within a few minutes.
3) If none of the above works, get a replacement meter from the lab.


The Meter must be placed in the docking station every 8 hours or the meter will lock you out!


Two levels of quality control are run every 24 hours. A Level 1 and Level 2 glucose control solution are used.
Solutions must be dated when first opened.


If the Accucheck screen shows that the meter has not been downloaded and that there are many results to transmit, place on docking station immediately. You should see the results to transmit counting down. If this does not happen then the moxa box must be reset.


The Moxa box is the little black box with the 3 green lights that can be found near the docking station.  You can reset it by unplugging the black cord in the upper left hand corner of the box. Then redock the meter and you are all set!